Administrative Staff

Pat Turner

Dana Bass
Volunteer Services Director

Leslie Brady
Construction Support Manager

Shawn Brantley
Homeownership Program Manager

Lonnie Buerge
Accounting Manager

Sheila Cooper
Business Manager

Pamela Edvalds
Administrative Coordinator

Michael Fisher
Vice President Of Construction

Lindsay Hicks
Vice President of Development

Kellen Jenkins
Marketing & Communications Manager

Melissa Jones
Development Manager

Fredricka McKibben
Director of Human Resources

Kylie Navarro
Homeowner Services Director

Laura Newport
Finance Director

Valerie Nguyen
Mortgage Servicer

Emma Piazza
Construction Crew Leader

Stacie Schirk
Development Coordinator

Kelsey Schwaller
Construction Administrator

Matt Trusty
Construction Site Supervisor

Ron Yeates
Construction Site Supervisor

Habitat ReStore Staff

Vicky Baton
Logistics Manager

Jenna Brown
ReStore Donor
Development Manager

Shivon Bullock
East Bottoms Store Assistant Manager

Chris Luna
Martin City Store Assistant Manager

Michael Meyer
Operations Manager

Sheryl Reith
Northland Store Assistant Manager

Tom Ryan
Martin City Store Manager

Richard Smith
Scheduling Manager

Ken Strickland
ReStore Volunteer Manager

Kari Tripses
ReStore Donor Manager 

Dean Vezeau
Johnson County and Northland Store Manager

Carrie Wilson
ReStore Marketing and Communications Director