Green Demolition Services in Kansas City

Sustainable Demolition and Salvage Services

Start Your Remodel with a Green Demolition

Our deconstruction team partners with homeowners and contractors to remove kitchen cabinets, appliances, bathroom fixtures, doors and other reusable materials before renovations.

Our deconstruction team can help you:

  • Reduce waste and disposal fees
  • Save time and money
  • Preserve usable materials
  • Support affordable housing

Our Deconstruction Process

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Step 1

If you are in the process of remodeling don’t waste time, money, or your goods! Contact our deconstruction team here.

Site Visit

Step 2

Our team will review your projects to help identify materials and items suitable for reuse.


Step 3

Our skilled deconstruction crew will come out and remove your items. Upon removal, we will transport the salvaged items to ReStore KC and sell them to support Habitat’s mission. Donors receive a tax receipt for their donation.

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