Welcome home, James Family!

Donya is confident that homeownership through Habitat KC is the best way for herself and her three girls to build a strong foundation.
“I had been looking for houses everywhere. Even section 8, and nothing worked for us. I’ve worked hard on my credit to finally buy a home, and when my dad was denied from Habitat KC’s Homeownership Program, he told me to apply,” says Donya.
Donya knew that the state of their current place was raggedy and run down, and that her three daughters couldn’t continue sharing one bedroom.
With slight hesitation to apply, Donya is so thankful she did.
“When I got the call that I qualified, I couldn’t believe it. I started receiving paperwork with my name on it, and I’m like, ‘Woah, I’m actually a homeowner like this is real,’ Then, when I got the blueprints for my lot, I thought I was dreaming.
Once Donya drove past her lot and saw the Habitat sign, the realization set in that it’s going to belong to her. 
“This whole experience is overwhelming and so exciting. I showed my daughters the blueprints, and they’ve already started picking their bedrooms. I keep telling them that we get to create our own space with unicorns and even a chalkboard wall in their rooms.”
As a preschool teacher, Donya knows the value of a good education and says that she’s excited to learn more about homeownership through financial education classes taught by Habitat KC. She is also excited for this opportunity to teach her daughters to always reach for the stars.
Donya shares that, “Above all, I want to make my family proud. Growing up, I’ve seen my family struggle, and I want them to know that once I get my keys, I’ll always have an open door.”

“I want my family to know that once I get my keys, I’ll always have an open door.”
– Donya James, Habitat KC homeowner

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