Tianna and Michael

Tianna and Michael know that their growing family needs space to thrive. They’ve outgrown their old two-bedroom home, but space is just one of the reasons they decided to build their future with Habitat KC.

“Our neighborhood is bad. There are frequent shootings, and it’s just not a safe place for our kids,” said Michael. “We like to be outside and we want to feel connected to our neighbors. Where we are now just isn’t a place where we can do that.”

Now, as Habitat homeowners, Tianna and Michael have built an affordable home where each of their three children will have their own bedroom.
“They are overjoyed. They know that when we have our own house, they’ll have their own rooms. They can’t wait to decorate them. One of my daughters wants a Minnie Mouse room and the other wants a rainbow unicorn room,” said Michael

And because they’ve built in a safe and connected neighborhood, they say they’re more comfortable being a part of the community and are excited to walk with their children to the park at the end of their new block.