Support the Environment and Your Community with ReStore KC

ReStore KC provides a tangible way to help the environment while supporting your community. We accept donated furniture, appliances, building materials and more — keeping tons of usable items out of the trash. Plus, when you shop at ReStore KC, you’re getting more than a deal — 100% of the profits support Habitat KC’s mission to empower local families through affordable housing.  So, when you shop or donate at ReStore KC, you’re not just getting a deal – you’re making a real difference for our planet and our community.

How ReStore KC Can Help You Live Sustainably

By donating to ReStore KC, you can keep usable items our of landfills. Each year, we divert approximately 7 million pounds of usable materials from the trash. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also provides high-quality discount building materials and furnishing to area residents while supporting Habitat KC’s mission to provide safe and affordable housing for local families.

Laurel Carty, a ReStore KC customer loves shopping for great deals, but also appreciates the environmental impact, “they’re not filling the landfill and I absolutely love that part, because somebody else can use them.”

Ways Businesses Can Partner with ReStore KC

Businesses and builders can benefit by donating excess materials, overstocked items, or gently used materials. We’ll even pick up items free of charge saving you time and costly disposal fees.

ReStore KC even has a dedicated deconstruction team that can salvage usable materials from remodeling and demolition projects, minimizing waste and maximizing impact.

Join the Movement

With five ReStore locations throughout the Kansas City Metro, it’s easier than ever to partner with ReStore KC. Whether you’re looking to donate, shop, or volunteer — there are countless ways to get involved. Together, we can make a difference in our community and reduce our environmental footprint one donation and purchase at a time.