Own A Home

Owning your own home...

Habitat helps that dream come true.

Habitat for Humanity Kansas City is here to help you find the path to home ownership. We work with community leaders, neighbors, corporate sponsors and a host of volunteers to offer families in need the opportunity to own a home at cost, with a no-interest mortgage.




Families apply to get homes through our program, and must work through the application process with our Homeowner Selection Committee. Once approved by the Board of Directors and accepted into the program, families will take classes and begin working their sweat equity hours at the ReStore, in the office, on the construction sites, and doing other Habitat activities.

Homes are sold to the participating families at fair market value and financed at a 0% fixed rate for up to 30 years. Volunteers and donors help make the rest of the process possible by giving their time and money to cover land, equipment, building materials, subcontractors, utility connections, and the actual construction of the home. Mortgage payments that the homeowners make are put into a revolving fund to help build future houses thru the Habitat program.

Read more about how the process works and what goes into making a Habitat House your very own Habitat Home.



Is a Habitat home free?

NO. We sell the home to you at fair market value, and you pay for the home by making monthly mortgage payments. Habitat carries the loan for you at no interest.

What is the first step?

The first step is to come to a homeowner information session or make an appointment for our HOPE home ownership program. Click back to our home page and look under recent posts for dates of upcoming sessions or call us at 816-924-1096 for dates and to register for a spot. Space is limited.

Do I rent the home from you?

NO. If you buy a home from us, you own the home. That means you have the responsibility to take care of the home, including mowing the yard and all home maintenance

How much does a Habitat KC home cost?

We set the sales price when we can determine the cost of the home. The most recent sales price of our new 3-bedroom home is approximately $100,000. We offer 25 to 30 year mortgages depending on a family’s income. To give you an idea of a monthly mortgage payment, a 30-year mortgage costs about $500 per month, which includes property taxes and homeowners insurance.

What areas does Habitat KC serve?

We serve the following six counties: Wyandotte, Johnson, Leavenworth in Kansas and Jackson, Clay and Platte in Missouri.

What does a Habitat KC home look like?

We have built or rehabbed more than 300 homes in the Kansas City urban core. Many of our homes are pictured throughout this website.

Can anyone qualify for a home?

NO. We wish that every person who wants a home could have one but first you must demonstrate a need for adequate housing. We have limited resources, and our mission has to be to help those with the greatest need. Some examples of “need” are:

  • landlord is unwilling to make repairs
  • there are holes in the walls, roof, etc.
  • the heating, electrical, or plumbing systems are not safe
  • overcrowded conditions
  • temporarily living with friends, family, in a motel, etc.
  • rent is too high for your income

Members of the Homeowner Selection Committee will do a home visit to determine your need. You must also have a verifiable income, 30% to 60% of the median income for Kansas City. Third, you must be willing to partner with Habitat and commit 350 hours of “sweat equity.”

Are there any other qualifications that need to be met?

YES. In addition to the requirements listed above you also need to meet the following guidelines:

  • I meet the income guidelines below
  • I can afford a monthly house payment of around $500
  • I have two years of steady, verifiable income
  • I have one year of good rental history
  • I have less than $1,000 in non-medical collection debt
  • It has been at least two years since the completion of a bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • I do not have any unpaid judgments (this can be found on Casenet.com if you are not sure)
  • I can pass a background and sex offender check
  • I can pay a minimum of $1,200 for closing costs at or before closing
  • I am a US citizen or permanent resident
  • I cannot qualify for a mortgage loan through the bank



Join a Habitat information session where you’ll learn about the benefits of Habitat home ownership, who is eligible for our program, and how to apply.

Make an appointment for our HOPE program and meet with a financial coach to determine if you are financially ready for a mortgage. Your financial coach will work with you to set goals and build a personalized action plan to become mortgage ready.

Fill out the homeowner interest form or call the office at (816) 924-1096 to make an appointment and register for the next meeting.

If you aren’t selected the first time you apply, don’t give up! Families are encouraged to reapply when their financial situations have changed. If you have any questions, please contact our Homeowner Services Department.

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