Welcome home, Marlon!

After years of moving, Marlon Toledo and his family are finally getting to live out their dream of owning a safe and stable home through Habitat KC’s affordable homeownership program.
“We’ve probably lived in 10 houses in the last 15 years’’ said Marlon. “I’m just ready to provide my children with a home where they can have their own space to express themselves.”
Family is everything for Marlon, and when finding out that he was going to become a homeowner, he shared that it was a very emotional experience.
“I was almost in shock. It was hard to process the information. It’s crazy to think that this is real and I don’t have to go back to Mexico because I am able to build a foundation for my family right here in Kansas City.”
As Marlon looks ahead, the future brings hope and family traditions. Marlon plans to re-establish a tradition from his own childhood.
“I want to have a garden for my family to grow our own food — maybe even a mini farm with chickens. In Mexico, I grew up on a way of sustainable living, and I want to share and build that bond with my children.”

“I want to build traditions with my children.”
– Marlon Toledo, Habitat KC homeowner

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