Pride Build in kansas city

Building an inclusive Community

Together, We’ll Build an Inclusive Kansas City

During Pride Build, Habitat KC and hundreds of volunteers partner with LGBTQIA+ homeowners to build homes or complete minor and critical repairs that help them maintain a safe and healthy place to live.

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Why Pride Build Matters

Members of the LGBTQIA+ community are far more likely to face housing discrimination. LGBTQIA+ people are at risk of being denied, charged higher rates for, or removed from housing.

  • There is no federal law that consistently protects LGBTQIA+ individuals from housing discrimination.
  • Nearly one quarter of transgender people report having experienced housing discrimination within the past year because of their gender identity.
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¿Listo para construir con nosotros?

Pride Build is set to occur in October of 2024. Bring your company, team, or organization together to build an inclusive Kansas City community. No construction experience is needed. We’ll give you the tools and skills you need to make an impact.


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Leslie Williams

- Propietario Pride Build

"I want to put down roots in my community. I can't wait to meet my neighbors. "

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Leslie Williams

- Propietario Pride Build

Leslie Williams has fond memories of growing up and visiting her grandmother in Kansas City.

Her grandma owned a Habitat house. But it wasn’t just a Habitat house; it was a source of community. Leslie remembers Habitat volunteers building her grandmother’s home and barbecuing with her family. This heartening community of helpers and homeowners was strikingly different from Leslie’s immediate family’s housing experience.

Leslie’s family didn’t own a home until she was 18 years old. They moved around a lot because rent was always too expensive. Consequently, Leslie was unable to foster relationships with her neighbors. Yet, communal interactions at her grandmother’s at a young age inspired Leslie to apply for a Habitat home. She was accepted into the affordable homeownership program in March 2016.

A lot has changed since those early barbecue days. Leslie is now a mother of twin 14-year-old boys. She has worked hard to establish a career with the US Postal Service—seven years in the making. Yet one thing remains constant: Leslie still aches to put down roots in an uplifting community. She’s excited to move into her home and meet the families next door. She has already actively worked towards revitalizing her neighborhood by participating in neighborhood cleanups.

The rooms in Leslie’s house will most likely smell of Leslie’s signature lasagna. She looks forward to experimenting with her favorite Mexican and Italian dishes in her new kitchen. Given her strong sense of community, she is sure to share a bite.

Sam Ruggles

- Propietario Pride Build

"Lo que más me entusiasmaba de Pride Build era hacer que mi casa pareciera un lugar que quisieras venir a visitar. Me mudé (a esta casa) a finales de 2019 ... En 2020, COVID golpeó. Fue entonces cuando me retiré. Luego, en 2021, el cáncer golpeó. Eso me quitó el viento durante todo 2021 y la mayor parte de 2022. Así que en 2023, estoy deseando empezar de nuevo, y este Pride Build realmente ayuda. Ayuda mucho".

Nicole Greene

- Propietario Pride Build

"Pride Build feels like family. I have been restoring my home for five years and having this work completed feels like a huge relief and gives me a sense of security."

Ronald Davis

- Propietario Pride Build

"Having my house painted was one huge burden taken off my plate. I couldn't be happier."

Janice Miles

- Propietario Pride Build

"Pride Build means getting to enjoy football season on our repaired deck and having peace of mind that the crack in our foundation has been repaired."

Karen Chop

- Propietario Pride Build

"It is easier to get around, my handrails had splinters and some of the wood was cracking. In addition, the replacement of one of the doors made it safer for me."

Renee Zakaryan

- Propietario Pride Build

"I am so grateful for the home repair assistance from Pride Build. The work completed by the volunteers is beyond amazing."

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