Gifts of Stock in kansas city

multiply your impact

You can support Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City by making a gift of appreciated stock and securities. The IRS allows a charitable tax deduction for the full market value of the appreciated security.

It’s easy to have your broker perform an electronic transfer of stock. Please provide the following information to your broker or financial advisor.

Financial Firm / Institution: LPL Financial
Designation: Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City
Habitat KC’s Account #: 7263 3285
Habitat KC’s Tax ID #: 43-1175749
DTC #: 0075

LPL Financial Home Office & Contact Information:  Brett Flood, 913-526-7119

When you make a gift of securities, please notify Habitat KC so we can acknowledge your gift in a timely and efficient manner. Or, for more information, contact Melissa Jones at or 816-924-1096 ext: 2003