Welcome Home


“In my heart, I believe it will bring our family together.”

Anjeanette knows that homeownership through Habitat KC is her best opportunity to build stability for herself and her three grandchildren she cares for.

A former addict, Anjeanette has struggled with homelessness as she battled substance abuse for years. A battle that would eventually force her to leave her family in Kansas City and move to Georgia in an effort to break her cycle of addiction.

“When I went to Georgia, I cleaned up,” Anjeanette said. “I got into a program and learned how to stay clean. I needed help and God used people in Georgia to show me how to get better.”

Now, 13 years sober and once again living in Kansas City, Anjeanette works as a custodian to support her three grandchildren who live with her in her sister’s home. She says that her sister, who is also a Habitat homeowner, has been a huge support for her and was the first person to encourage her to apply to Habitat KC.

Anjeanette considered applying for a home of her own but was hesitant. She was concerned that at 55 years old, it would be hard for her to complete the sweat equity hours needed to fulfill her partnership or meet the financial requirements. However, after living in a Habitat home and experiencing the peace and stability it brought to her family, Anjeanette made a commitment to build a home of her own so that her grandchildren would have the space they need to grow and thrive.

“I’m excited because it’s a place that will give us security,” Anjeanette said. “In my heart, I believe it will bring our family together. It will be a place that is ours, a place to go home to. I’m thankful that I can give that to them.”

Now, as she works on her sweat equity hours, Anjeanette thinks a lot about how far she has come. After relying on the help of others for years while she struggled with homelessness and addiction, she now has the chance to give back and build a better life for herself and her grandchildren.

Above all else, Anjeanette says she is excited to build a place of stability, a place that will always be hers.

“I’m looking forward to sitting in my living room and having my own home, to putting my key in my door, turn that lock and knowing, ‘This is mine’.”