The Impact of Your Purchase

When you shop at ReStore, you’re giving the gift of home. That’s because sales from our five stores help Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City fund new builds, rehab houses and make critical repairs on local homes! Last year alone, 155,878 ReStore shoppers helped serve 745 individuals with affordable home solutions. Each time you make a purchase, families like Jannetta’s are able to say goodbye to unsafe living conditions and hello to a safe, affordable home.

Jannetta’s home in Kansas City, Missouri was unsafe and unhealthy for her and her family. “The roof caved in six times. It was drafty and poorly insulated. My bathroom pipes would freeze every time it was below 30 degrees, so I would have to crawl under the house with a hairdryer to thaw them. If I waited for the landlord, it would be days before he’d fix it.”

Beyond high energy bills and ever-increasing rent, Jannetta’s home was too small to fit her family’s needs. Her grandchildren, who visited on the weekends, didn’t have room to play, and there was no space for her mother, for whom Jannetta provides daily care.

Jannetta applied to the Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City homeownership program and was approved. In 2022, with the help of a team of volunteers, Jannetta built her new home. She said, “I’m through with paying rent. The cost is always going up and you’re not getting anything for it.” Her new home has enabled Jannetta to achieve her dream of providing a safe home for her family.

Here are some of the ways your purchase makes an impact:
  • Upgrading your dining set for $150 installs an energy efficient window in a new home.
  • When you buy a $500 set of cabinets to update your kitchen, you put a new front door on a hardworking family’s new Habitat home.
  • Purchasing a $100 couch for your living room covers the cost of paint for a child’s bedroom.
  • When you spend $1,500 on your kitchen remodel at ReStore, you provide the shingles for a family needing critical home repairs on their roof.

Not only does shopping at ReStore allow you to affordably decorate or upgrade your home—you also help your neighbors. When you give the gift of home, you also give the gift of hope. And that’s a gift that keeps on giving!