Welcome Home!

Leslie William’s Story

More Than a House


Leslie Williams has fond memories of growing up and visiting her grandmother in Kansas City.

Her grandma owned a Habitat house. But it wasn’t just a Habitat house; it was a source of community. Leslie remembers Habitat volunteers building her grandmother’s home and barbecuing with her family. This heartening community of helpers and homeowners was strikingly different from Leslie’s immediate family’s housing experience.

Leslie’s family didn’t own a home until she was 18 years old. They moved around a lot because rent was always too expensive. Consequently, Leslie was unable to foster relationships with her neighbors. Yet, communal interactions at her grandmother’s at a young age inspired Leslie to apply for a Habitat home. She was accepted into the affordable homeownership program in March 2016.

A lot has changed since those early barbecue days. Leslie is now a mother of twin 14-year-old boys. She has worked hard to establish a career with the US Postal Service—seven years in the making. Yet one thing remains constant: Leslie still aches to put down roots in an uplifting community. She’s excited to move into her home and meet the families next door. She has already actively worked towards revitalizing her neighborhood by participating in neighborhood cleanups.

The rooms in Leslie’s house will most likely smell of Leslie’s signature lasagna. She looks forward to experimenting with her favorite Mexican and Italian dishes in her new kitchen. Given her strong sense of community, she is sure to share a bite.