Welcome Home

Gomez-Soto Family

For as long as she can remember, Paola has moved from house to house, never really finding that one place she could call home. Years of housing instability eventually led to homelessness for Paola and her family.
“No one deserves to live like this. I realized that something needed to change, so I asked my husband, ‘How can we stay together in one place as a family?’”
Thankfully, a family member gave Paola and her family the chance to stay together under one roof while she and her husband made plans for a more stable future.
“Now that I have built my credit history, my husband said, ‘Look, there’s Habitat for Humanity, and we could apply!’” I was hesitant about it because nobody ever wants to help us, but my husband said, ‘Come on, just do it. Just have a little faith.’”
“You never think that anyone wants to give you an opportunity like this,” said Paola. I filled out all of the paperwork and I couldn’t believe that someone finally wanted to help us. There was finally a little bit of light. I am so happy.”
Paola’s home will have a yard for her children to go outside and play, which is something they currently cannot do.
“Where we live now, you open the door, and there’s no yard. It’s just a busy street, and it’s not safe.”
Paola’s excited to become a homeowner but says she’s most excited about how this opportunity will impact her children. She knows that her kids will love it, and she’s ready for her family to finally have the space they’ve always dreamed of where they can grow together.
“There’s no more moving around. No one can tell me to get out, you can’t live here, or you can’t do this or this because it’s going to be all ours.”