Welcome Home


“I want to do the best for them, and this opportunity is giving me that.”
– Alberta Carter, Habitat KC homeowner

As the full-time caretaker of her three grandchildren, Alberta has never been more ready to provide them with a better life. After losing their mother, she aspires to teach her grandchildren good habits of working hard and staying responsible for things that may hinder us in life. “I want to do the best for them, and this opportunity is giving me that,” said Alberta.
“When I came up against losing my daughter, I decided to apply to Habitat. Finding out I was going to be a homeowner really lifted me up and brought so much joy back into my life. Knowing that I’ll be able to raise my grandchildren in a good and healthy environment just blew my heart.”
Alberta’s grandchildren are her world. As her grandson heads to college, she says this home will help him to stay focused and move forward to achieve his goals. Her granddaughter will have a yard to play in where she can plant flowers like she always talks about, and her younger grandson will finally get to play outside in the sunshine and the grass.
“Not being able to bring my grandchildren outside to have the privacy of playing in their own yard is challenging. The peacefulness and joyfulness this opportunity brings to my family is a great feeling.”
There are many “first things” Alberta can’t wait to do, but most importantly, she can’t wait for a washer and dryer to always have clean clothes and keep her home clean. Aside from that, she imagines herself sitting on the porch watching her grandchildren playing, enjoying nature, and exploring the area.
“I look forward to the children in the neighborhood being able to play together and having a healthy, decent neighborhood for us all.”