This is how we build hope – a volunteer story

Don and Kacey with new bikePeople who volunteer with Habitat tend to enjoy a fellowship that is not easy to find, Kacy Henderson is part of that fellowship.

Kacy Henderson is an important part of our fellowship.  Kacy  is a local resident that rides his bicycle up to Habitat every morning to greet volunteers.  Everyday Kacy makes each volunteer a personalized name tag with their first name and a signature smiley face.

Last holiday season Kacy’s bike was stolen.  His bike is his sole transportation.  Kacy was no longer able to get to Habitat in the mornings to greet the volunteers.  He was greatly missed.  Don Nelson, a regular volunteer found out about Kacy’s bike.  Don, like many other volunteers, missed Kacy’s warm greeting and personalized name tag.  Don decided to bring Kacy a bike he had at home.  Now, thanks to Don, Kacy is back to greeting volunteers and making his signature name tags, smiley face included.

Don and Kacy may appear different in many ways, yet both have a passionate a desire to make their community a better place for everyone.

Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.  All you need to belong to the Habitat fellowship is the desire to care for others.

“Think like a mountain” ~ Aldo Leopold