Welcome home, Ruff family!

Hard-working single mother of two, Casey Ruff seeks a strong foundation for her children to have a stable place to grow and just be kids. As a family who loves outdoor activities, the cramped apartment they currently live in is less than ideal for their family of three and doesn’t support their active lifestyle.
“My kids love being outside, and in an apartment, I can’t give them that. I grew up with a backyard, so giving my kids the same experience that I had as a kid would just be monumental for my family,” said Casey.
Since finding Habitat KC, Casey says that becoming a homeowner will allow her family to build stability and make memories in a place that is truly their own.
“I know that this home will make me feel secure. I’ve spent too much time worrying about what I can afford next or if my rent will continue to rise, forcing me to leave Kansas City.”
Looking forward to the completion of her home, Casey says she’s most excited about creating a space that helps her family spend quality time together.
“I want to make the family room a place where we get to have movie nights, and I get to give my kids choices and decisions.”
And while having a yard and space to play is important now, Casey knows that becoming a homeowner sets a great example for her two children by showing them what they can achieve.
“Owning my own home will brighten my future as well as my children’s by giving us security. I won’t need to worry anymore because I can afford this, and nobody can raise my rent.”

“Owning my own home will brighten my future as well as my children’s by giving us security.” – Casey Ruff, Habitat KC homeowner

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