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"People, Planet and Profit"

...that’s what we’re all ABOUT.

Habitat Kansas City ReStore was founded in June 2000. Through programs such as Deconstruction Services, Habitat KC ReStore has given its neighbors an environmentally conscious alternative to demolition. Habitat KC ReStore creates a winning environment for everyone involved. Keep going and find out more!




ReStore was created as a fund raising branch of Habitat for Humanity Kansas City. By salvaging materials from people who don’t need them anymore, we are saving space in our landfills, giving the public affordable materials, and allowing everyone to rebuild and restore our community. As of Winter 2012, our two stores have raised more than $4 million through sales to support Habitat for Humanity Kansas City’s mission of eliminating substandard housing in the Kansas City, MO community, and we have diverted about 25,000 tons of material from the KC waste stream.

Through programs such as Deconstruction Services, Habitat KC ReStore has given its neighbors an environmentally conscious alternative to demolition. This process of hand dismantling allows homeowners to donate salvaged materials to ReStore while making room for a whole or partial house remodel. Homeowners receive a tax benefit as a result of the donation and ReStore gains building materials to be put back into the community. Shoppers reap the benefits of deeply discounted prices and are able to make their dollars stretch farther. Habitat KC ReStore creates a winning environment for everyone involved.



In The Beginning …

June 13, 2000 saw the opening of Kansas City’s first and largest Habitat ReStore facility at 4701 Deramus. Our 33,000 square foot warehouse holds an abundance of new and used building materials, all available at deeply discounted prices to the general public. Since opening, ReStore has been very successful in recruiting a variety of sources for merchandise including individuals, professional remodelers, manufacturers and distributors, home builders and many others looking for an alternative to throwing usable materials in the landfill.

Phenomenal Growth…

Because of support from both shoppers and donors, we are now able to provide funding to our Habitat affiliate to cover almost all the administrative and fund raising expenses. This means that Habitat for Humanity Kansas City’s fund raising efforts are directed almost entirely toward the funding of new home construction.

  • In 2000, we averaged monthly gross sales of $10,000 and diverted 16 tons of material.
  • In 2007, the monthly average gross sales were $132,000 and diversion per month was 217 tons.

Getting Bigger and Better!

In November 2010, we were very excited to open up a second store location at 303 West 79th Street in the Waldo neighborhood of South Kansas City, MO. This location allowed us to add furniture to the list of items that we sell, and part of the 20 ,000 square foot space is a beautiful furniture show room. We are very excited to be in this new neighborhood and look forward to building many new relationships in this area of town. We are also still investigating the possibility of expanding our operation into the central city neighborhoods where Habitat Kansas City homes are located. We believe a smaller operation within inner city neighborhoods would drastically increase the availability of our merchandise to homeowners and increase accessibility of our facility for those wanting to drop off donations.


Habitat Kansas City ReStore was founded in June 2000. We accept donations of new and used building materials and furniture from individuals, contractors and retailers. The materials are then made available to the public in our stores at discounted prices.

Operational Philosophy: “People, Planet and Profit.”

ReStore operates on a Triple Bottom Line philosophy: “People, Planet and Profit.”

  1. People seeking building supplies can find what they need at ReStore.
  2. ReStore seeks to be a good steward of natural resources and energy provided by our planet, Earth. Thousands of tons of usable building materials are diverted from landfills each year by our ReStore.
  3. Finally, ReStore profits are transferred to our Habitat for Humanity Kansas City affiliate to further its mission to give low income families decent, affordable homes to own.

Through this Triple Bottom Line philosophy, the Habitat Kansas City ReStore has experienced phenomenal success and serves as a model of sustainability to the surrounding Kansas City metropolitan area.

Generating over $4 MILLION

As of December 2012, in addition to traditional development dollars raised, Habitat for Humanity Kansas City ReStore has generated more than $4 million to further the mission of building homes in the urban core of Jackson County, MO and diverted more than 25,000 TONS of building materials from the KC waste stream!

Environmental Initiatives

ReStore also undertakes several environmental initiatives such as creating a rain garden, utilizing used motor oil to heat our warehouse, recycling materials, like scrap metal and unpainted wood, and using fuel additives in our truck fleet to increase fuel mileage and reduce emissions.







We’ve got some pretty creative folks that shop here. Expand your mind and see what our customers have done with items purchased here. A door doesn’t always have to be a door …


We received several great entries into our regional level of this contest and are excited to share the winners with you here. The 1st place winner, the Hatley’s greenhouse project, has been submitted to TRP for the national contest and a winner should be announced in November 2012. The entries that didn’t win this round have automatically been submitted into our Fall 2012 quarterly photo contest.