Welcome home, Velazquez Family!

Being a homeowner was never something that Nina thought about until one of her children asked if their grandma’s house, where they live now, would be their house forever. That was Nina’s turning point to want to find a place for herself and her two kids to build their own foundation.

Nina has been extremely grateful for the opportunity to live with her parents because the cost of rent is so high and she’s always wanted her kids to be surrounded by family. But when her dad was diagnosed with dementia, she felt stuck.

“As my kids get older, I want a place for us to live comfortably. Eventually, I will also be my dad’s full-time caretaker and I have been hopeful to find a place where I can create a safe haven for all of us.”

Nina had seen an ad on TV for Habitat’s Homeownership Program, and that’s when she knew it was now or never. She attended a financial workshop and applied for the program.

“When finding out I was going to be a homeowner, it was very surreal. To be able to say that my kids can go to a good school and have their own bedrooms is a dream come true,” shares Nina.

She’s thrilled for her kids to have the space to express their imagination through art and dancing, as well as having space to give her dad the care he needs.

“Our new home will give my kids a strong foundation. We’ll no longer be in a situation where they have to worry about having a bedroom more than they worry about art class.”

“I can’t wait for the day I get to sit with my family on my porch and say, ‘We made it!’”

“I can’t wait for the  day I get to sit with my family on my porch and say, ‘We made it!’”

– Nina Velazquez, Habitat KC homeowner

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