Before becoming a Habitat homeowner in 2009, Nicole frequently moved from one rental property to another. The poor air quality in older apartments and homes often triggered her daughter’s asthma. “It was so bad that she had to have treatments at home,” Nicole said. “We would use a breathing machine to give her the medicine she needed to control her symptoms.”

Once they settled into their new Habitat home, her daughter’s asthma improved, and they were able to switch to a more affordable, less invasive inhaler treatment. But that was just the beginning.

With newfound stability, security and self-confidence, the family was able to focus on other important aspects of life, especially education. With her daughter less than a year away from graduating college, Nicole is also about to finish her MBA degree at Baker University. “It opened up the world of possibilities. It put me in a totally different mindset in terms of accomplishing my goals.”

Our community has been hit hard by the economic shocks of COVID-19. Low-income families have been impacted the most.

The need for affordable housing has never been greater. Making a lasting local impact has never been easier.

27 families waiting for their Habitat home.

95 families in need of critical home repairs.

$1.1 million needed to build or repair 120 homes by June 2021.

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Right now, local families are struggling with unaffordable rent and unsafe living conditions. You can help by getting involved with Habitat KC today! With your support, we’ll build a Kansas City community where everyone has a safe decent and affordable place to call home.