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Campbell FAMILY


We want to thank our homeowners, our volunteers, our staff and our wonderful supporters and we are excited to share some of our Habitat stories with you. These stories were written right here, in our very own city, with amazing people who have worked hard to earn their happily ever after ...


Campbell Family

Kenecia Never Let Life Stop Her!

Kenecia Campbell knew that going through the Habitat for Humanity program wasn’t going to be easy.  Her cousin had gone through the program several years ago and shared with her the dedication and commitment it takes to become a Habitat homeowner including 300 hours of sweat equity–35 of which are homeowner education classes. However, Kenecia was not afraid; she had been through her own challenges in life.

Kenecia grew up in Kansas City and has lived here for 36 years. It is here that she has raised both of her daughters, Alecia and Akiyra. Shortly after her youngest daughter, Akiyra, was born Kenecia started noticing that certain developmental milestones were not being met. Specifically, Akiyra was not talking or moving her arms or legs. Kenecia grew concerned and visited their doctor where she learned her daughter had cerebral palsy, hearing loss and ADHD. Kenecia was told her daughter would most likely never walk or talk.

After dealing with the initial devastation, Kenecia realized she had a choice. She could feel sorry for herself and her daughter or she could be proactive and help her daughter achieve milestones even with her diagnosis. Kenecia chose and chooses every day to conquer it. “I made sure she had all of her required therapy. I would wake up in the middle of the night and move her arms, legs and put her headphones on, anything to help her,” Kenecia shared. Her commitment and dedication to her daughter paid off. Akiyra is now walking, talking and can even communicate through some sign language.

With her daughter excelling, Kenecia decided she wanted to create a foundation for her family through homeownership. After six years of her cousin telling her to apply for the Habitat for Humanity program, she did and was accepted into the program. This past September she completed her sweat equity hours and closed on her Habitat home.

Kenecia credits the program for teaching her and her daughters, especially her 14-year-old Alecia, the value of connecting with your community. “The program inspired us to give back. There isn’t a week that goes by that my daughter doesn’t ask how we are going to pay it forward,” shared Kenecia. Even though she has completed the program and has moved into her home, Kenecia still volunteers at the Habitat KC office and on home building sites. She says, “There are so many people that don’t have anyone. My family feels it is important to give back now.”

Kenecia’s deep rooted love and passion for her family and Habitat KC make us feel so lucky that we are able to be a part of her journey. She inspires us each and every day and we couldn’t be more proud to call her a Habitat KC homeowner.