Jamenesh’s Family Story

For every home that is built,

there is a story that wants to be told.

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We want to thank our homeowners, our volunteers, our staff and our wonderful supporters and we are excited to share some of our Habitat stories with you. These stories were written right here, in our very own city, with amazing people who have worked hard to earn their happily ever after ...


Jamenesh’s Family Story

Determined to Reunite Family
Meet Jamenesh—Habitat KC Future Homeowner

Jemanesh is another partner family from Ethiopia who has called Kansas City home for five years. She is now excited to be working with Habitat KC to renovate her own home. She has two daughters, grandchildren, a brother, and cousins who live here while six of her children and four grandchildren still live in Ethiopia.

Growing up, she had eight brothers and sisters and her family owned a large home with a big back yard.  They used the land to grow avocados, coffee, bananas, and mangos which the family enjoyed. This is something that Jemanesh is most looking forward to—growing a garden of her own.

A current Habitat KC homeowner led Jemanesh to the program as well as her cousin, Habtamnesh. She enjoys completing her sweat equity on the construction site and at ReStore but, catches herself shopping for her new home at the ReStores. In her hours on the construction site, she has learned valuable things that will help her to maintain her home when she moves in this year. Jamenesh says that she appreciates the employees help and support at Habitat KC.

When reflecting on her future home Jemanesh says, “I will be very happy to have a home of my own. I will not have to worry anymore and I can bring my children to live with me in this country.”

She says she will tell everyone about Habitat KC because she wishes everyone could have their own home!