Weatherization Workshop

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Winter is quickly approaching! Join us to learn about CAAGKC’s Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program and about ECKAN’s Weatherization Grant. Attendees will learn how and be able to apply for assistance and eligibility requirements for both programs. Assistance is available for HOMEOWNERS AND RENTERS!

About CAAGKC’s Low Income Weatherization Assistant Program: This program provides homeowners and renters with cost effective, energy efficient home improvements free of charge. The goal is to help homeowners and renters lower their utility bills and ensure you and your family are living in healthy and safe conditions.

About ECKAN’s Weatherization Grant: The Weatherization Assistance Program is the nation’s LARGEST residential energy efficiency program. Very simply, weatherization improves heating efficiency and fuel savings by ensuring your home holds in heat and air-conditioning, while keeping hot and cold air out. At NO CHARGE to the client, income eligible families receive a comprehensive home assessment which includes repair or replacement of heating systems, insulation, and air-sealing measures.