Welcome home, Ebumbe family!

“This has changed more than just our address; it has changed our lives.”Menga Ebumbe, Habitat KC homeowner

Motivated to give their children the best life they can, Menga and Fatuma Ebumbe immigrated to the United States in 2016. Knowing that homeownership was the best way to provide a solid foundation for their family to grow, they applied to Habitat KC’s homeownership program and were accepted in 2019.
“I was so excited that we were selected. We received a lot of help to apply, and all our questions were answered. We appreciate all the help from everyone in Habitat KC,” said Menga.
As construction begins, Menga and Fatuma say they finally feel like they are giving their children the life they have dreamed of while living in the U.S. They give special thanks to the volunteers who have helped keep them motivated as they complete their sweat equity hours.
“I’m looking forward to moving into our new home as soon as possible,” says Menga. “I will first thank God for blessing us with a home and thank everyone at Habitat KC for having a good heart and choosing us. This has changed more than just our address; it has changed our lives.”

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