Welcome home, Sutherland Family!

Ashley’s two boys are the light of her life, and she’s always dreamed of having her own home with space to do anything they want. From living in a townhome to now living with a family member, it’s made it difficult for them to achieve that. 
“When the townhome we were renting raised the rent, I wasn’t able to afford it, and I decided to move in with my kid’s grandma. We’ve been here for 2 years now, and it’s time to have our own space,” she said.
Ashley knew that owning her own home would be the best way for her to grow as a person and be able to give her family the stability they needed.
Her life was forever changed when hearing the news that she was selected to become a Habitat KC homeowner in the Wendell Phillips neighborhood. “I was so ecstatic and shocked. I couldn’t believe my ears!” 
For Ashley, home has always meant being comfortable where you live, a place to create memories with family and friends, and a place to build a stable foundation.
“My boys keep me motivated throughout this journey, and I still can’t believe I’m going to be a homeowner. I can’t wait to get a dog, decorate our bedrooms, and watch my children grow in such a positive way.”

“My boys keep me motivated throughout this journey.”

– Ashley Sutherland, Habitat KC homeowner

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