Welcome home, Ariana!

Her vision of a happy, welcoming home: a garden with flowers everywhere to attract the bees and butterflies, space to dance and room for pets. Future Habitat KC homeowner Ariana has big plans to create a life-changing experience for her two children.
“I want to have an herb garden because cooking is very important to me. This garden will also be a great bonding experience for me and my kids. I just picture us in our garden and my son and daughter helping me grow vegetables.”
Ariana and her two children currently live with her parents, and while she’s thankful for their support, she says the home is too small for a growing family and that she’s ready to move on and give her children the space they need to thrive.
Motivated to build a future as a homeowner, Ariana applied to Habitat KC and was eventually accepted in 2020.
“When I found out I got accepted, I was just in tears. For so long, I have felt like my money was going to waste and that I would never have something to call my own. Now, instead of paying rent, I can pay my own mortgage, and that takes a lot of pressure off of my shoulders to know I will have a house for my kids to call ours.”
Looking forward to the day she receives her keys, Ariana says she can’t wait to decorate and celebrate the holidays in her new home.
“I will graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in December, so becoming a homeowner and graduating from college all in the same year will be a life-changing, beautiful experience.”

I love flowers. I want flowers everywhere in my garden and everywhere around the house. I want to attract the bees and butterflies to make my home a happy, welcoming place.” Ariana, Habitat KC homeowner

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