Welcome home, Tony!

“I will have the opportunity to live the life I want.”Tony Waterhouse, Habitat KC homeowner

The price of unaffordable housing is more than money. For Tony Waterhouse, the price has been his independence.
“Everyday tasks like showering and cooking are difficult when your home is not equipped for people with disabilities. Getting in and out of a bathtub is a painful and tiring process. I just take my pain pills and try to manage. Some days I do not want to deal with it, so I wait to go to the gym and shower there.”
Now, with an affordable mortgage, Tony’s building a home that is specifically designed to accommodate his needs and will give him the independence he has been searching for.
“I will be so happy to bake in my new accessible kitchen with ease and shower without worries of climbing in and out of a tub. I will have the opportunity to live the life I want!”

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