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There is no state, metropolitan area or county where a worker earning federal minimum wage can afford a two-bedroom rental home at fair market rent by working a standard 40-hour week.
More than 13,000 people are waiting for affordable housing in the Kansas City metro area.

“It may not seem like it’s a lot, the mortgage being no interest, but it’s everything. That’s what makes it an affordable home.” - Andrew Watson

affordable housing

Zero-interest makes all the difference

With a zero-interest loan from Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City, Andrew and his family can move into their new three-bedroom home for nearly $600 a month instead of paying $700 for a one-bedroom apartment. Plus, by paying his mortgage, he knows the money is going back to Habitat KC, ensuring we can help more families like his. It’s just one of the tools we use to make the seemingly impossible affordable for all.

“I’m not ashamed to tell someone where I live anymore.” - Bill Cole

home preservation

And you thought we just built new homes

When individual homes fall into disrepair, entire neighborhoods can suffer. It’s not that people don’t care. They simply don’t have the financial means or physical resources required to make certain repairs. And if not taken care of over time, what may have started as a small repair can lead to big problems, leaving these homeowners feeling helpless.

Habitat KC’s Home Preservation Program concentrates thousands of volunteers on clusters of homes in strategic neighborhoods, making repairs of all sizes, restoring pride and reconnecting people throughout the community along the way.

“They’re there for you, so if you need a tribe, a family, a net, directions–whatever you need.” - Arkeitha Brown

hope program

The best foundation for a new homeowner is good financial habits

The HOPE Program takes DIY know-how beyond home improvement, with how-to tips, resources and support that helps people proactively rebuild their credit, practice better budgeting, and be smarter with how they spend and save. This not only helps ensure that more people can get approved for the home they’ve been hoping for, it gives them the financial confidence to keep their home until it’s time to pass it – along with a few financial words of wisdom – to the next generation

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Your donations and purchases at Habitat ReStorehelp local homeowners achieve the strength, stability and self-reliance they need to build a better life for themselves and their families. Together, we’re generating more than 5 million dollars annually to help Habitat KCrevitalize neighborhoods in six counties in the Kansas City metro area.

Habitat KC receives an average of 25 phone calls per week from individuals looking for affordable housing solutions. More than half of all U.S. adults have made at least one trade off in the past three years to cover their rent or mortgage. In order to afford a modest, two-bedroom rental home in the U.S., renters need to earn a wage of $22.10/hr. 25 1/2 22

our sponsors

Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City would like to thank our many community partners and individuals for investing their time, talent and treasure this past year. Without you, Habitat KC’s work would not be possible.

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